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Dullstroom's Hidden Gem

A Step Back in Time at the Heritage Museum

Dullstroom, known for its fly-fishing and picturesque landscapes, boasts a secret for history buffs: the unassuming Dullstroom Heritage Museum. Run by passionate volunteers, this museum is a treasure trove of local history, offering a captivating glimpse into the town’s past.

Walk through the doors and embark on a journey through time. Artifacts whisper tales of the town’s pioneers who arrived in 1884. Vintage tools, household items, and photographs bring Dullstroom’s evolution to life. Explore the rich tapestry of cultures that have woven themselves into the town’s identity.

But the museum goes beyond dusty relics. Informative displays and brochures tell the story of Dullstroom’s struggles and triumphs. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the lives of ordinary people who shaped this unique corner of South Africa.

Unlike most museums, this one thrives on volunteer power. Opening hours are limited, typically Fridays to Sundays. However, contacting the Dullstroom Heritage Society beforehand might unlock a guided tour, offering a fascinating perspective on the collection and the town’s history.

So, on your next Dullstroom adventure, take a break from the fishing rod and delve into the town’s past at the Heritage Museum. It’s a hidden gem waiting to be explored! #dullstroomheritagesociety


Finders Keepers The History Room @ The Inn

Uncover the intriguing “Finders Keepers” tale, where clues point to millions hidden within the wall clock at The Inn…

The “Finders Keepers” competition is a legendary South African treasure hunt organized by the Sunday Times newspaper. It gripped the nation for years, with people eagerly deciphering cryptic clues hidden within the paper each week. The clues led participants on a virtual or physical adventure across South Africa, testing their knowledge and puzzle-solving skills. The competition sparked a sense of community and friendly competition, as families and friends collaborated to solve the puzzles. It’s fondly remembered for the excitement it generated and the chance to discover hidden corners of South Africa.

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GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS Pole-Sitter Smashes World Record

23 May 1997 – Dullstroom holds a unique record for pole-sitting… in a barrel! The South African local, Vernon Kruger, achieved fame by staying perched on a 25-meter pole for a whopping 67 days, all within a 500-liter wine vat! This incredible feat translates to sitting on an 8-story building for nearly two months. Kruger wasn’t just challenging himself; he was breaking his own world record for this unusual act of endurance. 

You will find this famous barrel displayed in our bar at the entrance of The History Room.